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Price for Freedom avarice current build


  1. 1/ Download the latest build (64bit, 32bit).
  2. 2/ Launch PriceForFreedom.exe.


  1. 1/ Download the latest build.
  2. 2/ Launch PriceForFreedom.
  3. 3/ If you can't run the game, you may need to rename PriceForFreedom_Data to Data, and set the program as executable.


  1. 1/ Download the latest build.
  2. 2/ Open the console in the folder containing For example: cd ~/Downloads
  3. 3/ Launch the game with the command ./
  4. 4/ Reduce the resolution if you get a black screen.

Changelog 16/05/2020

  1. - [Patreon] Samara new quests.

Build 13 01/03/2020

  1. - [Patreon] Osh'To companion quest.


Where are the saves located?

Windows: C:/Users/USER_NAME/AppData/LocalLow/TeamDeadDeer/PriceForFreedom

Mac: ~/Library/Application\ Support/com.TeamDeadDeer.PriceForFreedom
Mac Logs: ~/Library/Logs/TeamDeadDeer/PriceForFreedom

How do I use the 7z file?

Uncompress it using 7zip. Then launch the game like any other program.

I can't run the game on Mac.

Follow these steps.

Will there be an Android or IOS version?

It is a possibility, but we want to finish the desktop version first.

Whenever I enter combat the screen becomes all black. [Build 10]

This is due to the default save in the build being corrupted. It doesn't happen when a new game is created (skipping the prologue or not).

To fix it, check the box Options > General > Cheats > Reset game data before starting a combat. Your character skills and levels will be reset, but the combats will now start normally. Use the cheats in the options to get your levels back.
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