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The comic is on hiatus following Russia's war against Ukraine.
The Ukrainian author, ArbuzBudesh, is safe for now and continues to work on Avarice whenever possible.

Price for Freedom avarice current build


  1. 1/ Download the latest build (64bit, 32bit).
  2. 2/ Launch PriceForFreedom.exe.


  1. 1/ Download the latest build.
  2. 2/ Launch PriceForFreedom.
  3. 3/ If you can't run the game, you may need to rename PriceForFreedom_Data to Data, and set the program as executable.


  1. 1/ Download the latest build.
  2. 2/ Open the console in the folder containing For example: cd ~/Downloads
  3. 3/ Launch the game with the command ./

Changelog 16/05/2020

  1. - [Patreon] Samara new quests.

Build 13 01/03/2020

  1. - [Patreon] Osh'To companion quest.


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